Today’s viewer has grown up with inherently self-directed and interactive channels of entertainment and so they reject TV, steal content and instant message at the same time as watching.

revealit has created a brand new video platform that caters to their needs and delivers multiple interactive viewing experiences, like augmented reality in every frame of video. The revealit platform is natively social and respects the viewer by delivering information, entertainment and shopping research that is always self directed and in context.

The revealit platform was designed from the ground up to put the viewer in control and we believe that’s the key to higher value for Creators, Viewers and Brands.


The revealit way

With 40% of the $30B video ad spend allocated to fraud, at revealit we calculate the potential value of the shoppable video market today as approximately $12B dollars. We believe a shoppable video solution that combines great content, contemporary technology and that is viewer-centric can unlock that wasted value and address the lessons we have failed to learn from the decline of Broadcast TV.

We also strongly believe viewer centricity is the primary critical issue and “getting advertising from less push to more pull” is just a good start. Building the revealit shoppable video platform over the last two years we did so with the following researched convictions about what it means to be viewer centric:

  • 1. Viewers must never be interrupted
  • 2. Viewers always get to shop what they see in-frame.
  • 3. Viewers expect shopping to be entertainment, education and engagement.
  • 4. Viewers demand zero friction while shopping
  • 5. Viewers should be rewarded for their attention.

    It is inevitable all video experiences in the future will be shoppable, interactive and viewer-centric because doing so delivers fully qualified buyers to advertisers. But it’s more than that:

    The process of moving from more pull and less push involves a higher integrity, higher value, and more transparent bargain between viewers and advertisers.

    What brand, agency or viewer does not want that?

Creating revealit video. The revealit platform’s patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) engine prepares any video content source to be “revealitized” by identifying products in each video frame. The revealit platform architecture is integrated with the world’s fastest enterprise blockchain EOS which provides a more transparent and equitable platform for Creators to be rewarded automatically for the performance of their videos using an EOS Blockchain Smart Contract.
Curating. The revealit network of Curators audit, identify, improve and polish revealit video, curators are also rewarded with a percentage of the advertising revenue managed by an EOS Smart Contract on the Blockchain.
Selling Advertising Inventory. revealit gives Advertisers unprecedented visibility into the product engagement by viewers within any video through our AI, machine learning, and blockchain capabilities, enabling them to create targeted and personalized campaigns with real-time attribution data that is not achievable with any other video platform today.
Viewing revealit videos. revealit content can be viewed through smart tv`s, personal computers, and smartphones, using all leading browsers and apps.
Sourcing video content. revealit provides a more transparent and equitable platform through which content owners are rewarded for the performance of their videos.
Mining video content. The revealit neural network identifies and tags 80% of all on screen asset XY coordinates, with the revealit network of “prospectors” identifying and tagging all remaining assets.
Selling video assets. revealit gives advertisers unprecedented visibility into the products within any video through our AI, machine learning, and blockchain capabilities, enabling them to create targeted and personalized campaigns with real-time attribution data.
Interacting with video content. revealit content can be viewed through smart tv's, personal computers, and smartphones, and using the leading browsers and operating systems - but with the user in complete control over the ads that they see.

Meet Our Team

Garry Smith

Garry Smith

Founder & CEO

As CEO, Garry brings a strong and formative foundation in enterprise consulting and software development from time spent in the Microsoft ecosystem as a Gold Partner.

Garry has a passionate focus on software entrepreneurship, and is a proven leader in leading teams from idea to successful exit, including hands-on product development and enterprise sales growth.

Zachary Oakes

Zachary Oakes

Founder & VP of Engineering

Zach is a dedicated security and software craftsman with 20 years experience with Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft.

Zachary`s iOS app aviationmaps has been successfully sold globally to private airlines and major carriers alike, such as United, American, and Delta Airlines.

Zach completed post graduate certification work in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence from Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Steven Flinn

Steven Flinn


Steven is a pioneer in machine learning and has been awarded over 47 patents in that field.

Steven is Author of the best selling book The Learning Layer which predicted the rise of machine learning-based capabilities.

Steven is a Member of the highly selective Partnership for American Innovation and has Extensive consulting experience at the intersection of strategy, decision science, and technology.

Formerly CIO & VP of Strategy at Royal Dutch Shell.

Brett Claywell

Brett Claywell

Chief Content Officer

Brett combines almost two decades of film and television experience with an innovative perspective on non-scripted storytelling and live broadcast. In 2014 he co-founded Tiltify, the world's premiere crowdfunding platform for livestreaming, resulting in more than $100M raised for charity.

Brett is an actor, producer, director, and entrepreneur, graduating from North Carolina State University with a BA in Architecture and a minor in Theater. Upon graduation, he quickly found a career in front of camera, starring for multiple seasons on the hit CW show One Tree Hill, as well as ABC’s One Life to Live and FOX’s Dollhouse.

His work in front of camera inevitably lead to success behind it, where he has produced and directed content for multiple networks including CBS and CW and digital outlets such as go90, YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer.

Brett has developed a particular expertise in branded content, working with dozens of clients including Mountain Dew, Taco Bell, Hasbro, Xbox, Microsoft and Disney, to name a few.

Philippa Sutherland

Philippa Sutherland

Advisor Global Brand Strategy

Philippa is Director Global Strategy at Unilever Based in London. Philippa is a successful global strategist and marketing expert, having held roles in global marketing, innovation and strategy advisory in the fast moving consumer goods industry.

She has spent over 15+ years working for global FMCG industry giants, including Nestle and Unilever. During this time she has crafted some of the world's most well-known €1bn+ household brands across multiple categories, from Nescafé coffee to Magnum Ice Cream, winning global awards and accolades along the way.

Philippa brings with her a wealth of knowledge in brand and business proposition development, consumer insight generation, media investment as well as multi-country marketing campaign development.

Michael Meehan

Michael Meehan

Advisor IP & Patents

Dr. Meehan hold both a JD and a PhD, and has works at the intersection of law, high tech, and business. He concentrates his legal practice on strategic patent portfolio growth, the acquisitions and licensing of patents and technology, open source, and intellectual property due diligence, including M&A.

He works as Counsel for Hickman Palermo Becker Bingham LLP. Dr. Meehan previously worked at Uber as the head of the IP group, and at Google on a broad range of issues for the Geo business unit. Before becoming an attorney, he worked his way up from junior programmer to CTO at various software startups, as well as working as a researcher at the Stanford Department of Surgery, UNC Computer Science Department, and other institutions.

Dr. Meehan has extensive intellectual property and engineering professional experience in the fields of graphics and virtual reality, medical devices, cryptography, machine learning, e-business, and numerous other areas. In addition to revealit, Dr. Meehan serves on advisory boards of numerous technology and medical device companies. Dr. Meehan served as a clerk for the Honorable Judge Bryson on the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and received his Ph.D. in computer science concentrating on virtual reality under Dr. Frederik P. Brooks, Jr.

Brett Campbell

Brett Campbell

Advisor Go-to-Market & Revenue

Brett is a visionary who has established a reputation for turning vision into reality through sound implementation, driving material business advantage by engaging staff and clients, developing unique business offerings, and providing a solid financial grounding. Combining managerial, financial, and IT acumen, he provides strategic insights into business growth and opportunities within the IT sector.

Brett is currently the Founder & CEO of investment company Harvey Partners, which allows him to follow his three great passions: mentoring innovative start-ups; sports (Board member of the Seattle Sports Commission Board); and philanthropy (with a focus on Type 1 Diabetes). Harvey Partners has successfully invested in ABC Creators, Fitcode, HarvestWest, SkyGiraffe, Assist, Joga, Overload Golf, and Bigfoot Biomedical.

Previously, Brett was co-founder and leader of Nintex, the world’s leading workflow platform for Microsoft. Brett was personally responsible for creating and driving the culture and global partner program, which grew to more than 900+ partners supporting 5000+ customers across 90 countries. He grew Nintex from $0 to a $55m software platform, and successfully divested the company for over $222m in 2013. In addition, Brett founded OBS, Australia’s first Microsoft Gold Partner in the Asia Pacific region, and the founding consulting business of the Nintex Group.

Lisa Reid

Lisa Reid

Advisor Global Brand Innovation

Based in New York Ms Reid works for global marketing giant WPP as SVP of Client Digital Transformation and Managing Director of VMLY&R.

Ms Reid is a successful global marketing executive with a focus on leading organizations to realize their digital transformation goals by emphasizing innovation and new media.

Ms Reid has previously held roles in global marketing, innovation and strategy advisory and brings over 15+ years' experience crafting successful global campaigns and integrated agency network management for the world’s biggest CPG brands, winning global awards and accolades along the way.

She brings with her a wealth of knowledge in brand innovation and development, consumer insight generation, media investment as well as multi-country marketing campaign development.

We are excited about the global agency perspective on innovation and new media that Lisa brings to our advisory board.

Mike Alden

Mike Alden

Advisor Sales Growth & Culture

Mike is President at BYGMusic and CEO at Percussion Software, and a driven, successful leader. He is passionate about monetizing early, and building company cultures that deliver ​high growth rates that get them acquired.
Mike is experienced in completing strategic mergers and acquisitions, product spin-offs, and international expansion, having established offices for past companies in the USA, the UK and Europe, and Asia Pacific.
Mike’s latest venture is BYGMusic, which has him working closely with brands and agencies to open channels to hard-to-reach demographics that are resistant to traditional media. His company uses software to track real-time metrics on awareness, engagement, and a campaign’s specific targets, including video plays, app downloads, and other actions delivered by the fan base.

Mike Renie

Mike Renie

VP of Computer Vision

Mike's career has been dedicated to aeronautical simulation and computer vision, including roles as Director of Houston Operations for NASA, and the Program Manager and Chief Engineer for RAAF's F111C Mission Simulator.
Mike was taught aerospace engineering by Neil Armstrong, developed software for the Space Shuttle’s on-board flight systems, and received the Ray Page Lifetime Achievement Award in Simulation.

Christian Buckley

Christian Buckley


Christian is an award-winning CMO and technology evangelist, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP.

Christian specializes in social amplification, inbound marketing strategy, and igniting communities. He has spearheaded the creation of more than a dozen annual technology events across the US for the Microsoft community, and is an in-demand international speaker, keynoting or presenting at 250+ conferences across 5 continents since 2010.

During his 25+ year career, Christian has worked with some of the world’s largest technology companies, but is most proud of his leadership roles in five successful company exists. Christian is a prolific writer and successful author of 6 books, and is one of the most widely published names within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Steven Rahman

Steven Rahman

Advisor Advertising Technology

Steven is a Harvard graduate focused on the intersection of policy and technology, and speaks regularly about advertising technology and the direction of the industry.
Steven led strategy on the SmartTV UX Team at Samsung, and helped launched the startup Watchwith, which enhanced viewer experiences on shows like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Voice.

Carmel Macpherson

Carmel Macpherson

Director HR Strategy

Carmel has been Chief Human Resources Officer in four of Australia’s pre-eminent organizations: QANTAS, PWC, The Australian Federal Police, and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).
While at QANTAS, she was recognized with awards as Asia Pacific’s Best New Shared Services and​ Thought Leader of the Year.
Carmel currently runs her own management consultancy company, focusing on providing strategic and operational advice to entrepreneurs.


John Beatty

Director Legal

John was a Partner at elite law firm Baker & Mckenzie, where he specialized in multinational commercial legal, as well as international tax in IT, for 15 years.
John is qualified as a lawyer in the USA, England and Australia, and is a practicing attorney in Colorado.
John has more than 40 years of experience advising entrepreneurial and established IT companies of all sizes, and around the globe.



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